Edition - portraits - maps - concept art

Since 2012, I'm doing my best to give life to your worlds and characters through illustrations, mostly fantasy-themed. I mainly draw book covers and world maps, but I also draw promotional posters, bestiaries, portraits and more. I accept any request as long as it's within my skills (and I have time for it), whether it is for commercial use or not; if you just wish to get an illustration of one of your character for a book you are writing for yourself, it's very ok, no worries.


If you are an author and would like me to draw your book cover, let your publishing house know about me.

If you are a publisher, a self-published author or a private particular, contact me to ask for an estimate.


L'Enceinte 9 - Éditions Lynks
Marraine - Noir d'Absinthe éditions
Éditions Plume Blanche - 2019
Éditions Plume Blanche - 2019
Carte de Bâl'Shanta
Au Loup éditions - 2019
Grimm en tout genre - 2019
L'Écarlate Ébène - 2019
Les Chroniques de Weyän - 2019
Affiche pour Les Imaginaires
Noir d'Absinthe éditions
Les Filles du Temps, tome 2
PLIB 2019
Les Filles du Temps, tome 1
Maquette et couverture de roman
Éditions Plume Blanche
Forestelle, tome 1
Noir d'Absinthe éditions
Dentelle et ruban d'argent
Illustration et identité visuelle
carte de ville fantasy