Tiphs, french illustrator and graphic designer in the mid-twenties, huge fan of my cat and hot chocolate addict (with cinnamon and whipped cream, please). I am keen on drawing, writing, traveling and everything that soften my days. When I’m not in front of my computer screen, I’m wandering across the world to discover new cultures and witness great views — and enjoy the local food, too.


One could say I came to art by chance; that’s not exactly true. I’ve always been drawing, but my scientific part first marked me out for science studies. I should have become a vet, or a geologist, or a vulcanologist maybe…? We’ll never know, as I suddenly changed my mind as soon as I bumped into the website of an art school named Brassart Nantes, which I got graduated from in 2011.


I am free-lancing since 2012 as an illustrator and graphic designer. Should you need a logo, a branding visual identity, a book cover… just ask, I can help you!



Radiant Crown publishing - Venture TV productions - Plume Blanche éditions - Les éditions secrètes - La Plume et le Parchemin - Noir d'Absinthe éditions - SNAG fiction - Éditions HPF - Les éditions du petit pavé - HOJY concept - Génération Écriture… 

And also: Aidan Russel - Pippa Da Costa - Phillip Townsley - Marek Eldarof Alexiane De Lys, and many others!